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After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery.

A film, also called a movie, motion picture, moving picture, or photoplay, is a series of still images that, when shown on a screen, create the illusion of moving images. This The Lion King (2019) optical illusion causes the audience to perceive continuous motion between separate objects viewed in rapid succession. The process of filmmaking is both an art and an industry. A film is The Lion King (2019) created by photographing actual scenes with a motion-picture camera, by photographing drawings or miniature models using traditional animation techniques, by means of CGI and computer animation, or by a combination The Lion King (2019) of some or all of these techniques, and other visual effects.

The word “cinema”, short for cinematography, is often used to refer to filmmaking and the film industry, and to the The Lion King (2019) art of filmmaking itself. The contemporary definition of cinema is the art of simulating experiences to communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere by the means of recorded or The Lion King (2019) programmed moving images along with other sensory stimulations.

Films were originally
recorded onto plastic film through a photochemical process and then shown through a movie projector onto a large screen. Contemporary The Lion King (2019) films are now often fully digital through the entire process of production, distribution, and exhibition, while films recorded in a photochemical form traditionally included an analogous optical soundtrack (a graphic The Lion King (2019) recording of the spoken words, music and other sounds that accompany the images which runs along a portion of the film exclusively reserved for it, and is not projected). The The Lion King (2019) master playlist can list duplicate variant streams that have the same level of quality but are hosted by different servers. This enables the player to swap to a different server The Lion King (2019) for a given bitrate if one of the servers fails. This grants a degree of high availability to serving streams.

This can be combined with adaptability by listing multiple variant streams The Lion King (2019) for each distinct quality level.

n WWDC2016 Apple announced the inclusion of byte-range addressing for fragmented MP4 files, or fMP4,
allowing content to be played in HLS without the need The Lion King (2019) to multiplex it into MPEG-2 Transport Stream. The industry considered this as a step towards compatibility between HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Adobe Systems demonstrated an update to its The Lion King (2019) Adobe Flash Media Server product supporting HTTP Live Streaming at the NAB Show in April 2011.
Apple Inc. used this on September 1, 2010 to stream its The Lion King (2019) iPod Keynote event live over the internet, and on October 20, 2010 to stream its ‘Back to the Mac’ Keynote event live over the Internet.
Google added The Lion King (2019) HTTP Live Streaming support in Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).
Helix Universal Server from RealNetworks supports iPhone OS 3.0 and later for live and on-demand HTTP Live or On-Demand The Lion King (2019) streaming of H.264 and AAC content to iPhone, iPad and iPod initial release April 2010, latest release November 2012.
flashls is an open-source Adobe Flash/Adobe AIR plugin The Lion King (2019)
that provides HTTP Live Streaming support for Chromeless Flash/Air Player, Flowplayer, Video.js, mediaelement.js and Open Source Media Framework 2.0.
HP added HTTP Live Streaming support in webOS The Lion King (2019) 3.0.5.
Microsoft added support for HTTP Live Streaming in EdgeHTML rendering engine in Windows 10 in 2015.
Microsoft added support The Lion King (2019)


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